Binary ionic compunds:

Two elements (one metal and one nonmetal; with transition metal)

Naming: Use name of metal, then put in name of nonmetal with ‘ide’ as the suffix.

**Difference** Must input Roman Numerals

 Transition metals:

Elements that can have more than one possible charge MUST have a Roman Numeral to indicate the charge on the individual ion.

1+ or 2+              2+ or 3+

Cu+,Cu2+                         Fe2+, Fe3+

copper(I) ion        iron(II) ion

copper (II) ion    iron(III) ion                        


Transition metals (except Ag, Zn, Cd, and Al)

require a Roman Numeral.


Polyotomic ions:

To go from –ate to –ite you remove an oxygen but the charge does not change

You can make additional polyatomic ions by adding a H+ to the ion!

CO3 -2  is carbonate

HCO3 is hydrogen carbonate

Naming ternary compunds:

Contains at least 3 elements

There MUST be at least one polyatomic ion

                                (it helps to circle the ions)


                NaNO3                           Sodium nitrate

                K2SO4                               Potassium sulfate

                Al(HCO3)3                   Aluminum bicarbonate


                                                                Aluminum hydrogen carbonate

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